Aunty Maile LomilomiI learned to do Lomilomi from my Tutu (grandmother). So because of my dad’s mom, I later decided to go to many different Hawaiian Lomilomi teachers to learn their style of Lomilomi. Families in Old Hawai‘i all have their own style of Lomilomi.

I now teach Lomilomi that I learned from Kalua Kaiahua. He was the only teacher of Lomilomi that could tell me, why, when, where, and how to do the work. He was from Lahaina, Mau‘i. I have his blessing to teach his style.

Many of my haumana (students) have been Doctors, Nurses, and Massage Therapists.

With my teachings, I instill into my students the importance of Pule (Prayer) before, and after, doing the work of Lomilomi. Another important thing I impress in my students, is what my Tutu left with me, as my teacher—that is, to put that full-on Love and Aloha that she showed me as I grew up in her presence. To be able to do this, through my hands, give “Unconditional Love” into that body of the “receiver.” When a “giver” works on someone, they imagine, that “s/he” is on that table, and if you Love yourself, you will be able to do a wonderful job doing this work. When you love yourself, then you will be able to become a wonderful “healer” of sorts.

My Tutu always said, ”You must remember that God is always given the Glory of the Healing, you are only the tool or instrument to do His work. Always remember to be ha‘a ha‘a (humble) in this work of Lomilomi.”

I feel that the motions or style that I learned is important, yes, but I want each of my haumana to go home with that “feeling” of Love. When you are a good teacher, your students want to come back, maybe just to see you, visit with you. They are changed for the rest of their lives.

As a teacher of Lomilomi, you should always give credit to your teacher, and always stick strictly to what that “special teacher” taught you. For they gave you the blessing to teach their style of Lomilomi.

I love doing this work of Lomilomi. Our ohana (family) has been doing this work on this Island of Hawai’i, since 1200 till 1918, at “Lapakahi Village.” And then moved to Waimea, Hawai’i Island to the “spot” where I live now. I have come full circle.

I have taught my two children and my granddaughter, so they may be able to carry Lomilomi into the next generation.

My Tutu used the bamboo pu’ili (bamboo rattle), on her clients. In Hawi, Kohala it is known as “vibrational healing” from the sounds and the tones of the pu’ili. It is very soothing, and at times, folks have had out-of-body experiences. My Tutu said that when that happens, they are getting a wonderful healing. I just let them go and sure enough they are back into their body in 35 to 45 minutes.

Lomilomi to me is very sacred work. It helps the circulation, helping people soooo much. With hands of Love, circulation promotes better health.

Aloha nui loa to you,
Aunty Maile

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