Pain Relief

Pain Relief and Increase Your Energy

Ito-Thermie is a gentle massage method that balances the body, mind, and spirit through the use of infrared heat produced by a specific combination of health-giving herbs.

Dr. Kin-itsu Ito developed this method in Japan over a 20 year period. As the soothingly warm metal incense containers are stroked over the body, circulation is improved, the immune system stimulated, and spiritual and mental well-being is promoted.

How does Ito-Thermie work?

ito thermie toolsSmall metal cylinders hold custom designed, burning incense made from a specific combination of health-giving herbs are stroked over the whole body. The unique source of infrared heat provides a direct source of vital energy that the body uses to balance and support any of its functions.

The smoke cleans the energetic field around the body and transports the beneficial herbs to the lungs and bloodstream.

Ito-Thermie enhances your own natural healing power and self-care.

See how it works for you

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